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Pictures of Glamis and Other Fun Stuff

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Welcome to This site is for all of us who enjoy, camp and roll in Glamis / Imperial Sand Dunes. If you would like to add any information or cool facts, please e-mail us at ENJOY THE SITE!!!

Please send us your pictures and comments to We'll put them up for you.  Easy way to avoid advertising costs, put your business logo on the pictures, small though please.


Disclaimer Regarding Photos / Videos That Are Listed On  As stupid as this is, we have to put a disclaimer out.  Any and all photos / videos that are posted, used and or submitted by visitors to and our subsites (ie., etc); we do not condone nor encourage any acts that might be illegal, wreckless or hazardous. is posting / publishing these pictures / videos for entertainment value only.  For a full list of our sub-sites, websites and additional info, please see our "Privacy Page."  All pictures / photos are property of, if you want one of the pictures with out the logo, just e-mail me  I'll be happy to e-mail them to you.


Cooling down....somewhere in a canal.







Random Glamis Pics



A HUGE "Thank you" to some of my really good friends for sending me pictures and for their support.  Kyle at Dunes Edge Storage; thank you fro ALL your help bro and for some of the best pictures. In addition "Thank you" to Rock Star Custom Motor Sports and Eric and Lacrecia. My good friend Alex Plewniak from Powersports and, you have helped out hugely with business and family. To all  my bros and friends that have submitted their pictures, keep em coming and THANKS!!!...lastly, my visitors to; thank you for all your support and the great e-mails, we and I really appreciate it.  Can't do this thing with out you.


Keep the pictures coming


We do need more photos and we are working on our videos page. Again, if you submit a picture, photo or video, please submit your comments or company logo and we'll be glad to put your pictures / videos up.  As we go out to much as this sucks, I'll be taking more pictures than riding...and will be posting them every time we get some good ones.





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